Welcome to The Dubai Vegan Guide – by the people, for the animals. This is Dubai Vegan’s official guide to veganism in Dubai 🙂


There are many – and will be more – vegans for many reasons (e.g. dietary, ethical, environmental, allergy, natural), so stay calm & have an open mind.

However, veganism is not an animal rights movement, veganism was (& will remain) closest to a diet, with many reasons not necessarily ethical. In sum:

  1. Vegetarianism is a term used to label consumption-specific behaviour of Hinduism (mainly by not taking / preventing life). Veganism is simply vegetarianism + abstaining from dairy. As for fashion & cosmetics: Hindus now can also enjoy synthetic.
  2. Since the term vegan was coined in the 1940s, there was no such mass / known exploitation of animals, so ethics cannot be the main reason. In fact, the term was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson when he co-founded the Vegan Society, at first to mean “non-dairy vegetarian”.
  3. There are ethical (a relative & subjective term) ways to consume animals / dairy from shelter to slaughter. Saying veganism is about ethics is not only saying other ways are not ethical, but is also offensive & self-righteous (closed minded). A true vegan is vegan regardless of ethics.

Besides, check Dictionary.com & Wikipedia.com: you will find that it is primarily a diet. The problem nowadays is not so much meat consumption, it is having / wanting too much. The problem is the lack of values leading to treatment of beings (including plants) like they don’t have needs / feelings. It is being unnatural.

It is also dairy consumption ;]

More @ https://www.facebook.com/foodfightforum/posts/972085296160545

;] Be natural; protect yourself & our beautiful planeT [;

>–333> Leave the boat after using it, the great path is no path <333–<




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